The Apron Pattern Company

We are launched. After years of an idea and good intentions. We have launched with our first three patterns. The behind the scenes work has been more extensive than I ever imagined but that work is now complete. Now it’s only the fun part.

Apron Patterns that are not used for Vermont Apron Company have been acquired by the new company, The Apron Pattern Company. The funnest part is turning them into digital patterns for the home sewer market. We have launched with the first three but there are dozens coming up behind them. Plus sizes are extremely important. So even if you see a pattern stating “Regular Size”, keep heart as a Plus Size version will appear. But truth be told, our plan is to get the Plus Size versions out first.

The website is

The email for the company is

There is a Facebook page The Apron Pattern Company

This is a new undertaking. We have no preconceived ideas of what will come. Every business is build upon a base of customers wants and needs so please offer your thoughts as it enables us to move forward.

Whether we will continue to blog about the patterns here or have a new blog for the Apron Pattern company hasn’t been decided yet. A blog maybe important….. or not….. no idea yet….let us know?

The fun part is we are up and running and look forward to whatever lays ahead.

Thanks for your time!

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