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  1. I have at least three, no four of your plus size aprons and I LOVE them!!! I am very excited to try out the terry one. What a great idea! Especially for washing up hands while cooking. I don’t know if terry is the right cloth for it, but adding “potholder pockets” to either side end of the front inside could give you a quick way to grab stuff out of the oven. Just a thought!!

  2. Do you make any plus-size long snap-front cobbler aprons in denim or twill? I love my snap-front aprons, but the colors available (like those from AmeriMark) are horrible and the pockets are not sturdy enough or deep enough to hold my heavy cell phone and other items.

    1. Hello,
      We do not. The amount of yardage that it takes to make a proper plus size apron, causes the overall cost to be so much higher then the cheap ones found online, that we feel that they would never sell in comparison. For overall coverage, we do sell a lot of Smocks. They provide coverage and also have really sturdy pockets. They also have enough of a design that they look good when worn.

      Let me know if you have more questions,
      Susannah Allen

  3. Wow, this is exciting! I wish others would show the same interest in customer satisfaction. Thank you, now where do I order it?

  4. Hello!
    Do you sell your patterns by chance? There is no way I can afford to buy one of your gorgeous aprons, but I have loads of fabric and a sewing machine. Reading your post makes me want to support someone who gets it if possible!

    1. We are waiting for patterns to be registered and then will have a second site set up for selling aprons designed that are no longer sold by Vermont Apron Company. We will announce its opening here as soon as it is ready.

      1. I’m so happy to hear this. A friend of mine said she would sew one for me if I bought the fabric, but I don’t trust all styles will fit me right. You seem to have a great handle on what a plus-size lady needs. I’m also tall, so that compounds things.

  5. At last! Someone who understands the plus size body shape and the fragility of the plus woman’s ego to have been disappointed so often by the unavailability of beautiful things.

  6. This post should be printed at the bottom of each of your sales pages! I came in from Google and originally left thinking *exactly* what you wrote, “This isn’t likely to fit me.” So glad I landed back here from another link!

  7. I have been looking for years far an apron just like this! Where can I Find how to instruction and similar Pattern? Being plus size I have never found an apron that fits right and is confortable. I really want to find someone to make them just like this one. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. I niw have hooe that soneday i too can have comfortable well fitting aprons

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