The Jumper

We have finished the Jumper.  Our hope and plan for it has come to life. It slips on easy, removes easy, fits in a way that flatters and washes well. The back has an elastic waist and elastic back neck. Nothing to tie, button or zip. It just pulls on like a favorite tee shirt and drapes nicely.




It will pair well over jeans or a dress or …….on a hot day ……or in a warm kitchen, simply wear it over a tee.




As requested we designed a kerchief to pair with it. I say designed because we were thoughtful about the fit instead of simply hemming a triangle.  The straight edge is not seamed but folded on the bias so when you tie it around your head, it stays in place better. There is a bit of give that allows you to tie it as tight or loose as you want. It is also double layered for extra durability and warmth, since chores don’t end in August.




We also made it big enough that you can tie it in lots of styles or fold it up and it will keep in your pocket until it’s needed.



The Jumper is offered in three shades of denim. We have black, light blue and the dark blue seen here….also with matching kerchief.


Plus Size Denim Jumper in Black by The Vermont Apron Company 3

The Jumper is also available in Plus Size. The Plus Size Jumper has a cut that is slightly different to flatter Plus Size in the same way our Regular sizes are fit to be flattered.


Plus Size Denim Jumper in Black by The Vermont Apron Company 2


I am happy with our work in designing the Jumper. I think it’s the perfect piece to throw on when chores get tough, you need complete coverage and still want to look good. In the end, it’s customer response that will let us know if it works for them or not and that’s what it’s really all about. Dressing for work isn’t always referring to a suit.


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