Accepting the things you cannot change

I love this prayer, I recite it when it is me that has to do the computer work. I know, I’m being dramatic but I find working on the website similar to arguing with a log. And because the log weighs more, even pounding on it, won’t help me.

Recently, I had the joyful assignment of adding more product options. I was to simply, yes, simply add options to our lengths. Our petite customers struggle and need the option of a shorter length. We also have some denim customers who want longer.

I did create a product option set to add to the Aprons that support length changes. But the final set contains the word, None. I have gone back and I never wanted the word, None. How can you have None for a length option? I understand that to the original computer writer, the word None refers to no options chosen. But customers have explained that all they see is a box with the word None. To them this means there are no options.

So, changes must come. First, we switched to radio buttons.  This makes the list clear for everyone to see. It’s prominent next to the product, no dropdown in order to discover choices. One issue….even with this option, the word, None sits at the top. It won’t go away. It insists on being part of the plan.

I worked and worked. I give up, it won’t leave. We will all have to learn to either ignore or embrace the word, None. At least the options will be clearly visible and that’s what customers wanted.

Now, you can order a petite length in some aprons. In the Denim No Tie Aprons, you can order a petite Apron length or even order it longer. As new print are added, they will also have options, unfortunately we can’t offer any length options for those aprons that already went through production.

Onward we press, learning to accept what we cannot change, especially the word, None.

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