Plus Size Gathering Apron

A regular size Gathering Apron uses the full width of the fabric. In order to create plus size, I need 50% more width. This means we either have to have a seam unattractively down one side of the apron body or we need a print that is the same horizontally and vertically, that way we can turn the pattern pieces to run in the direction of the length of fabric. This is why some styles can cost a lot more when made in plus size and others only a bit. Laying the pattern pieces in the direction of length, uses a lot more yardage. How much additional fabric depends on the strategy of pattern layout and good old fashioned geometry.

We strive to fit everyone, so we pressed forward. We have designed layout for 2 styles, regular size which fits XS-XL. The flat part of the waistband is 21″ wide with 2 40″ ties. For Plus Size the flat part of the waistband if 29″ wide with 2 42″ ties.

We always ask that customers measure themselves. You could be a Medium but yet want your gathering apron to wrap further around the back of you. Or vice versa.  The gathered bag part will be as wide as the flat waistband, measure and see if you want the bag to be 21 “or 29” wide across the front of you.

The denims and linens come wide enough to cut at 50% wider. Homespun does not. Therefore you will find Gathering aprons in plus size in Linen and Denim, not homespun, until now.

Black and White Check Homespun for Gathering Aprons

Black and white check is nearly the same in either direction, so we can offer it in plus size. We can also offer red …….

..and the black…..

We will also search for other prints that work both horizontally and vertically.

So we now have Plus Size Gathering Aprons in 7 fabrics. We have the 2 denim colors; navy and black, 2 linens in oatmeal and chocolate and 3 homespun plaids.  For future reference, there are a few other homespun plaids and some other linens we could add should customer sales show us that we should add more choices. After all, everything we do stems from customer response, always let us know what you think. And we will also look to photoshoot more plus size.

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