Comfortable Plus Size Aprons

Here is our Comfortable Plus Size Prairie Bib Apron, it is for true plus size, fitting up to size 32.

Plus Size Black Check Bib A

Below is the traditional back view. But without a doubt, the most comfortable apron is the one that hangs from the shoulders and does not tie behind your neck. Not that those are uncomfortable but the aprons that are the  shoulder-hangers are similar to yoga clothes, in that you hardly notice them on your body.

Plus Size Black Check Bib Apron with ties in back

We have now changed the length of our shoulder ties. We want them long enough to do this (see picture below).

Plus Size Black Check Bib Apron with crossed ties

The ties can still be tied behind the neck or cross them and knot them over the waistband. Knot them and leave them.  If you leave it knotted you can just slip it on and  make a bow with the waist ties front or back, depending where you like it. The fabric is homespun, the best fabric for working as it absorbs spills and you can wipe your hands on it for drying. It’s like having an apron made out of dish cloth fabric.

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