The Gathered Bib Apron moves Forward

Our Gathered Bib Apron has a bodice that gathers on a drawstring. It ties behind the neck. The option of a gathered bodice is great for a variety of body shapes. No matter your size, the bodice adjusts to you and covers you. With a wide waistband that that holds the apron in place, it also gives additional shape to your figure. Ties that are long enough to tie in front, add comfort to the wearer and stability as you move and work.

Can we do better? Of course. Design is a fluid river that always moves forward. If you watch and listen to the wearers, there are always paths to take, improvements to be made, design fun to enjoy.

Here in our century, the go-to feature is to have nothing tied behind your neck. Apron wearers want to be comfortable and hardly feel the apron on. Apron wearers are not only covering themselves at the stove, but they look for the comfort expected in an all day garment.

So we looked at our Gathered Bib Apron design, which was our very first design by the way. Some of you like the drawstring to be able to tie behind the neck for this design. It shapes the bodice in a particular way that is flattering. Some of you would love to have adjustable straps. Isn’t design options fun and challenging?

So we came up with an optional option. (Is that a real term?) Instead of making the ties permanently adjustable, we can add rings only at the waistband and you can simply knot the tie end through it. (Will this be too hard and confusing??) We will find out. (Please write us!)

So now when you purchase a Gathered Bib Apron which comes in 9 sizes by the way, you will find two little rings at the back of the waistband. You can choose to ignore them or you can make use of them by crossing your neck ties and knotting their ends through the little rings. If you need to adjust the back straps longer or shorter, simply re-knot longer or shorter. (I’m feeling that this apron option begs for an instructional card to be included in packaging).

So here is where we are at in picture form. Here is the front view of our original Gathered Bib Apron with waist ties ties in front and traditional neck ties tied behind the neck.

Gathered Bib Apron front view

Here is the back view when you tie the ties in the front. You can see our traditional neck ties when tied behind the neck.

Gathered Bib Apron - back view when ties are tied in front.

You can also tie the waist ties in back. This style has a wide enough skirt that it will nearly cover the back of you as well.

Gathered Bib Apron back view when ties are tied in the back

Now for the new feature, the exciting part. In the next photo, you can see the little rings stitched into the waistband. The neck ties are long enough that they will reach them. Knot them thru and you now have a crossback apron. You can even leave them tied forever.

Gathered Bib Apron with crossback ties.

Below is what the apron looks like when neck ties are crossed into rings and the waist ties are tied in the back. The front looks exactly the same as before.

Gathered Bib Apron with its straps crossed and waist ties tied in back.

To achieve this stunning design feature, upon purchase, put the apron on and firstly adjust your front bodice to gather to where you are comfortable. Then cross the neckties and knot the ends into the rings. Your Gathered Bib Apron can now be worn as a No Ties Apron. You can leave it like this forever…….. or not and simply wear it tied behind your neck…..your choice.

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