September in the Studio

Rather than not blogging as nothing is in a finished state in which to celebrate, I thought to inform rather than leave a state of silence hanging in the air.

Gathered Bib Aprons are nearly completed. We did an assortment of prints and are now offering this style in all 9 sizes. We haven’t had this style available for a number of years now but since the Yard Sale, we are giving it another try. If it sells well, we will keep it, and if it doesn’t, we will put it to rest.

The new Men’s Aprons are patterned and ready for samples to be made. We are scouting out locations and plan a photoshoot soon. Men are a tricky bunch.  They are quiet. You have to listen intently to hear them. Their sales send mixed signals. We work hard at hearing our customers voices and hopefully have come up with a good line to offer them. Results await. The collection will be up in a few more weeks.

No Ties Aprons are now available in Red and Colonial Blue Homespun. We chose the red and the blue to start. They were received really well. We left it up to our customers to let us know what other colors we should add. The requests that came in all asked for the black plaid and we added that this weekend. We will add additional colors as interest prevails.

Regarding holidays, although customers like to see Holiday cotton prints in No Tie Aprons, they are not big sellers. So we will offer a few choices but we are betting that a additional linen in traditional holiday colors may be more to the liking of our customers. We are looking at colors to see what is available.

October is coming. For me personally, I love October.  It’s my favorite month and my favorite month for my camera. It’s more than the colors of the leaves, there is a mood out there. Everything begins curling up for winter, the air becomes crispy and the sky seems deeper blue. I feel like I can see further away across the fields and hills than I can at any other time. Although it’s probably not true, it seems it. Deep in the wood, the sounds of rusting leaves and sticks are everywhere. You can hear the rusting of the animals and know they are all around you. There is so much life. Every sounds seems to echo for you to hear. And you appreciate how alive it all is and yet so still compare to the world. It is the last month before winter silence steps in.

We hope to get some good photography to share on our social media and celebrate October in Vermont.




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