It’s been coming…we really should….

Some ideas live on the sketch paper and never go any further than a lovely sketch. Some ideas, go from sketch to cutting table, to sewing machines to sample and then die a big dramatic death as it comes out of the dryer, flunking the wash and dry test.

Other times, ideas float around the studio in abstract versions of what I call, “the shoulds”. Great examples are: “We really should make the No Tie into a pinafore.” “We really should have a denim jumper.” “We really should have a great housedress.”

Sticking to the fabrics we already use would eliminate Washer/Dryer Death. Working off our established patterns means we would eliminate patterning from scratch for untold hours and sample testing.

I pulled a “we should” idea out of the air last night with a lovely glass of merlot in hand and the jazz sounds of Rachelle Ferrell filling the air and worked on a housedress/pinafore/jumper. Final name to be approved later. And in case you always wondered what happens to our leftover fabric, it gets used for mockups.

Very First Pinafore 3


Easy slip on means no ties, and instead elastic casing. I wanted simple, simple, simple and easy wearability.


Very First Pinafore 2


The elastic back offers more shape than the apron version. The front hangs smoothly with just enough shape.


Very First Pinafore 1


I think I like it enough to move forward with denim and give this a chance. I need to find the fit model. We may actually have denim jumpers for sale very soon. And that will clear the air in the studio as a few “shoulds” are removed and magically transformed into website product, which hopefully will fit beautifully and serve our customers well.

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