Goals for 2018

I call this reflections Day. It’s the last day of the year. I tend to sit back and reflectively assess how I did in 2017. Although there could be a host of issues, I like to dive into the areas of improvement, especially the ones that implore me with a enticing journey.

Last year we introduced linen aprons. We added designs well suited to linen and offered our basic shapes and also some higher end pieces. Linen drapes extremely well, is lightweight and plays nicely in the design work in the studio. It was challenging, fun, and we had a good response.

This year I want to focus on a better utility design. I also want to play with stationary shape rather than drape. I think stationary drape can be dramatic, especially mixed with color and pattern. We will see.

For now, we are playing with our dress forms. They stand so nicely and ever so patient while we try on style after style checking to see what works and what doesn’t. What looks attractive and what looks problematic sends us back to the sketch book.

Utility is wonderful but can be so unattractive. It’s a fun challenge to push your imagination enough¬† to bring utility into a pretty shape. And it’s fun to explore cuts that make stationary, stiffer fabric appear gentle on a form.

I don’t want anyone to look like the shape of a toilet paper tube in their apron. And furthermore, the subtlest shape can make even the most challenging body look so much more attractive and pretty. I not only want the apron to serve you but appeal to you as much as a dress would in making you feel pretty.

My favorite compliment we ever received from a women donning one of our aprons was, “I feel so pretty in this!”

May 2018 find us with new designs, meeting the challenge of more utility but still beautiful in shape and form.

Have a Great New Year!



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