White Aprons in Linen and Batiste

White Aprons have been found to be classic choices to many people. Whether you choose a Half Apron, a Bib Apron or No Tie Apron, there is a very classic look to any of the designs when done in white.  We recently replenished our White Apron Collection on the website. There is now a better batiste and we added a nice white linen to join the bleached muslin. We kept the traditional designs and added a few of our more contemporary pieces.

White Aprons -Lace Batiste Half Apron by The Vermont Apron Company


We took our traditional half apron and added pin tucks and lace for an elegant option for those wanting a prettier look.



White Aprons -Linen No Tie Apron in White by The Vermont Apron Company


Our No Tie Apron is beautiful in white linen. It just needed to be done. It offers such a formal look. It has joined a place in our White Apron collection. It drapes gently and looks so lovely over a long dress.

White Aprons -New Batiste Bib Apron by The Vermont Apron Company

Our classic bib White Apron is made from a quality batiste offering a light softly gathered feel to it. We make it with very long neck ties for a very good reason.

White Aprons -Original Batiste Bib Apron by The Vermont Apron Company

The long neck ties can be tied in a tradition way behind the neck or criss crossed down the back and tied to the waist ties for those who prefer this option. You can tie to the waist band and then leave it that way so it will slip over your head and only need to tie the waist ties.


White Aprons -White Cotton Drawstring Apron by The Vermont Apron Company

One of our White Aprons is a half apron with a drawstring waist, which is actually more traditional than a wasitband. It is an easy design and so versatile for fit. Offered in a bleached muslin, it will gather as much as you prefer or not.

And of course we had to make our Hippy Apron in white linen.

Hippy Apron in White Linen by The Vermont Apron Company

We love taking a classic fabric and cutting it into a more contemporary design.

The Hippy Apron is still our favorite White Apron.



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