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  1. You realize terry aprons have been around for over 100 years….right? I have one that my Grandmother had in the 1920s. And whole drawers filled with aprons from the 50s-70s.

  2. I like the idea. Though I have not purchased one yet, I have an opinion! I think the ruffled pocket might be too dense. Terry cloth is already dense and clumpy, so the ruffle may be excessive. I would suggest perhaps a flat pocket. Or no pocket at all as the default, offering pockets as an extra. That said, the flat pocket might not stay flat when you work with terrycloth.. If/when I order this, I’ll seek a pocket free version. Best wishes from a loyal fan

    1. Hello,
      Thank you so much for your feedback! We were silly busy in December and got terribly behind in blogging. I do apologize!

      The ruffles are a bit thick without being too thick. I should tell you that the ruffles are a utility choice not a design choice. When you have large pockets, they fall away from the apron body and gape open. They can then tend to hook doorknobs, etc as you work and walk around. Thus, we elasticize them so they stay close to the body and still maintain the large pocket space everyone wants. This design also allows your things to stay inside the pocket and not fall out when bending, moving and working. The other feature people notice is that when you reach your hand blindly for the pocket, you find it easier as your fingers feel the ruffle and your hand easily slips into it. And one last feature of the elasticize pocket is the wear. As the elastic allows give to your hand and the objects it holds, the corners of the pocket are not constantly pulling on the body of the apron and thus finally ripping a hole in the body of the apron.

      But yes,we do offer apron options! There is an Apron Options page where you can change pocket styles. So you can purchase a flat pocket choice. The only thing is we cant take returns as we cant promise we can sell option changes. But you can have the options you want. I will tell you though, anyone who has purchased flat pockets has never reordered them. Not everyone wants ruffled style pocket but you cant beat the utility of it. And in the end that’s what an apron is for, to help you get through your work and day. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. What a genius idea for doing dishes especially when I have to wash a lot of them. I constantly struggle with finding an apron that fits my plus size frame and looks good on. Aside from wearing a plastic tablecloth your apron is much cuter. Can’t wait to order and try it out.

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