Learning about video…

Shouldn’t our videos be on our blog? I thought so. Especially since they can be tutorials as well. Being such a large file they won’t upload but I can link to our Utube. There is so much possibility here in the world of video making. We have only made a few but that was fun! And we look for slivers of time to make more.

We hope to add this for fun but also to create how-to’s for aprons. The Gathering Apron can be used so many different ways. It creates a number of bag choices that help you work, collect and carry.


gathering-apron-in-yellow-stripe- by The Vermont Apron Company

Pictures can be pretty and show the product really well. But video can demonstrate, teach and it’s just plain fun!

Here is our video showing a couple ways to tie up our Gathering Apron.



Thanks for watching!

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