Dress for Cooking

It’s fun to dress for cooking. We dress for so many occasions, including work, it makes sense to dress for cooking. If you plan to bury yourself deep into an activity, preparation allows you to more fully embrace the occasion. Whether it be a day of canning, or a day of multiple lasagnas for freezing, the right apron helps you work.

A - Line CAnvas Apron by The Vermont Apron Company

What’s my idea of the right apron? The right apron should keep you covered. It should be long enough so you that you don’t give a thought to splattering. It should reach around the sides and back of you so as you move about the pots, pans and food, bending to reach into the oven, or up into high cabinets, you are still protected and never take pause.

The right apron should be incredibly comfortable, enough so that you don’t give its presence any mind. You should be able to put it on, and dive into your activity, never thinking about it again until you are finished and move on to the next thing.

Crossback straps are a key component to that comfort. Adjustable straps are even more helpful as they create the perfect fit to ensure your comfort. The elastic waist of this design keeps the apron in place without anything tied tight at the waist. It feels more like a gentle hug. And who doesn’t like those? Waist ties are best when they are long enough to tie in front or back. You may want to tie in front so that a towel can be carried there, or in back and out of the way. Big pockets are essential for carrying the phone or any other tidbits you may need. These are all important components.

And another thought I have is that a good design means no gathering on the front belly as no one wants their belly to look bigger. In the end, the best design means, you are covered, comfortable and carefree enough to move forward and embrace the work you have planned. It should also look beautiful on you, no differently than any other clothing you chose for yourself.

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