A New Addition to the Gathering Aprons, The Pouch Apron

We worked hard to design Gathering aprons that hold a lot of produce. Our Drawstring Gathering Apron holds at least a gallon of goods if not a few gallons. Have we officially measured? I bet it’s three gallons.We have also sold them to knitters who knit from the yarn held within the apron and quilters who carry large pieces contained within the apron. We are often surprised at the uses that people find.

But as we have sought out ways to make an apron big and capable of carrying a lot of heavy produce, there is another request. Some people want a simpler apron to hold smaller amounts of things and not be gathered.

Black Denim Pounch Apron by The Vermont Apron Company

To those requests we have designed the Pouch Apron. It lays flat against you. It’s opening is wide and easy for your hand to slip in and out. It is our answer to provide a basic good working half apon. The Denim will hold up in dirt, mud, and very wet veggies. It’s ties are also basic twill tape. This combination makes for a good working apron.

As we love to explore apron design, we then pushed the bounderies a bit further and made our Pouch Apron in linen. With linen, twill tape won’t look good. Linen looks most beautiful with a large dramatic bow.  We do have a good customer base who love design, so our Linen Pouch Apron made it into our collection.

Linen Pouch Apron by The Vermont Apron Company

It’s good to offer two price points. It’s good to offer two variations of a design.

Whether you want hard working denim in black or navy or pretty linen with a big bow, the Pouch Apron will work pretty well and look fabulous.


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