Sullivan Greenhouse at Life Everlasting Farm

Spring is when the earth awakens and so do our senses and imaginations in regards to our yards. As the grass greens and stems rise up from the ground, we envision what could be and what can transpire within the boundaries our of yards and gardens. Visiting nurseries and farms give food for thought, fuels our imagination and helps us move forward with plans for creating our own sanctuaries.

My first visit this year was to Sullivan greenhouses at Life Everlasting Farm in Lancaster, New Hampshire. It was a nice ride not far out of Lancaster with places to eat, and lots of pretty scenery.

Their pretty sign sits nicely alongside the road and easy to spot.

Life Everlasting Farm

I got out of the car and the first thing I saw was the enormous table of Pansies. My Goodness it was huge!

Sullivan Greenhouse Pansies

I was so inspired with ideas for creating garden containers. I have seen photos of plantings from teapots to using old birdbaths for annuals.

Sullivan Greenhouse Geraniums

The greenhouses were exploding with color like a springtime wonderland.

Sullivan Greenhouse Annuals were even the outsides of the greenhouses. There is nothing like the color of beds of annuals.

Sullivan Greenhouse Ceiling

Colorful baskets hung from above and these are my favorite for decorating my porch.

Sullivan Greenhouse Walkway

Outside they had a display of stonework.

Sullivan Greenhouse Stepping Stone

They had a stepping stone that I always tell myself that I will find and include in my garden.

Sullivan Greenhouse-Unicorn


And they had a wonderful Unicorn, of which I have never seen. I love statues in the garden. I have a little girl, a cat and a baby pig statue.

Sullivan Greenhouse, perennials yet to bloom


There were gallons of perennials waiting to bloom.

Sullivan Greenhouse, small perennials

And my favorite were the small perennials, where I could buy lots of plants that will grow and multiply. I am patient enough to wait a bit longer in exchange for it not being so big.

I was happy to find that they had raspberries, blueberries and grapes for the Berry garden I am planning. They had a great collection of trees and shrubs. I purchased the Plum tree and PeeGee Hydrangea Tree that I wanted. I can’t wait to go back. A wonderful Greenhouse and lovely and patient sales help.

Sullivan Greenhouses at Life Everlasting Farm

268 Elm St. Rte 135 South

Lancaster, NH 03584


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