Susannah played with Fabric

Free from the constraints of any strategic plan, free from the contraints of my fabric lists, free from coworkers suggesting, or prophesying, I played.

And I played alone with great fabric I bought last fall and couldn’t wait to get my hands on. Sometimes I pull out fabric and wonder why the heck did I buy this? But today I pulled out fabric and thought, Yes! Dam! I want to play with this!



So with great music in the studio, awesome coffee at hand and the dog somehow sleeping. I had a blast. I love working without a plan. I love just letting it all surprise me as I go. Draping it on the dressform, it kind of starts to show me what it wants to be. And in contrast to some other designs, this fabric stated it wanted simplicity, as if to be a simple canvas of great print.



But it also wanted a very large bow, like a great painting tied up as a gift. And why can’t bows be large other than on the gown of a bride? Can’t we as hostesses, wrap ourselves up like a present? Would we look like a gift to our guests? Is that a bad thing? a silly thing? a strange thing? a pretty thing?



All great fabric begins in the wash on hot water and then over dried in the dryer. I want to know that whatever I might create, I can sell and the customer will be able to wash and dry the item. I hate it when fabric flunks the wash test and exits the process unrecognizable. It’s especially sad when there was a plan attached. These fabrics had no plan except for me having fun. That’s why money had no place here. These fabrics got a bit frumpy but overall looked even friendlier to wear.

I decided they were in fact both getting big bows. I noted that my bow choice was from a completely inappropriate fabric….at least my high school sewing teacher would have sternly warned me that you can never mix unrelated fabric. She would have never agreed on mixing heavyweight upholstery fabric intended for a couch with a batiste intended for lightweight blouses or undergarments. Thinking back, I think the only reason she gave me a C- instead of an F in sewing was so that I wouldn’t have to repeat the year and be back.


My New York Apron, really short and really cute, with waist ties that create a really big pretty bow.

But my favorite is Magazine Cover Apron, also really short, really cute and with waist ties that make a really big pretty bow. I like them. And I feel content now, having played and given birth to something new.

One thing is for sure. Creating Aprons in this process would not get me a deal on Shark Tank. The word margin had no slice of reality here. So I won’t disclose the price of the fabric, I will instead pose the question, Don’t they look fun to wear?…..especially with very high black spiked heels…..and an awesone hat…..possibly one of those 1940’s little veils.

Playing with aprons is fun.



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