Reward Points for Coupons

Well, things just got a bit more interesting on our website. We were able to add a reward points program. You can find the Rewards Program button on the left hand side of the screen when you are on our website, You can sign up and then you will have multiple ways to play the new wicked fun game of earning points.


If you choose to sign up, you get a starting gift of 200 points as our way of saying thank you for playing! You can additionally add your birthdate and receive another 200 points. Nice.


The following things can be done once for points. Sharing our website on Facebook will earn you 100 points. Liking our page on Facebook gives you 50 points. Sharing our website on Twitter earns you 50 points. Following us on Twitter gives you 50 points. Following us on Instagram (I have to get better at Instagram) earns you 50 points. And a product review after purchase gives you 100 points.We have added product review on every page that there is an apron for sale so this will be easy to do if you have purchased that item.


And the two really awesome ongoing point collection enhancers are that for every $1 you spend you earn 2 points.  Additionally and the very best point collection enhancer is that for every friend you refer, you get 100 points for refering them and the friend gets a 20% coupon that they can use on their first order.


Unfortunately we don’t have a photo to make this post more appealing…. oh wait!… we do have Photoshop and I should create something spectacular…. right after I grab another coffee.


Let us know if you have any trouble with the Rewards Program as it’s new but it should be fine as it all worked wonderfully in testing. And don’t worry about remembering all the many ways to gain points, when you click on the Rewards button on the left of the screen of our website (, a box pops up listing the many ways to play the new and exciting points game. Thanks!

Have a great day!


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